Our goal as attorneys is to help you understand the legal system, to work hard to get fair results, and to help you avoid the legal system in the future whenever possible.  Your responses will help us understand if we are meeting our goal and help us improve our services.  We estimate that this survey will take about ten minutes to complete.

I was treated with courtesy when I initially contacted the office for a consultation.
Fees and billing policies were clearly explained to me at the initial consultation.
I was comfortable enough to ask questions about my case.
I felt any questions I had about my case were answered appropriately.
My attorney understood my goals and worked with me to achieve them.
I understood my bill and was comfortable asking questions about it if I had any.
I believe my attorney helped me focus on reaching a solution rather than on just fighting.
I had negotiations (either via email or letter with the other side, or a settlement conference with both sides, but no neutral party present) and felt my attorney prepared me well for the negotiations.
I had a mediation and felt my attorney prepared me well for mediation.
I had a court hearing and felt my attorney prepared me well for court.
My attorney was qualified and knowledgeable about the law pertaining to my case.
Stafford Law Office, LLC, kept me informed on the status of my case.
I would recommend Stafford Law Office, LLC, to a friend.
Overall, I was pleased with my experience with Stafford Law Office, LLC.
You are welcome to complete this survey anonymously. If you would like to receive a small gift as a thank-you for completing this survey, please complete this address block and we will mail you a small gift within approximately two weeks. (to be eligible for the gift, you must have been a client of the office within the past twelve months; only one gift per client). All responses will be kept confidential. We are grateful for your help in improving our firm--thank you!