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Stafford Law Office, LLC is a family law firm based in Indiana. We provide clients with legal representation before the family court. Trust our family attorneys to help you make your situation better.

Our lawyers are passionate and dedicated in helping clients deal with legal matters involving family law. We have extensive experience and skills to handle any complexities in any legal proceeding. Plus, we have approachable attorneys who are willing to lend an hear to your case. You can expect tailored bespoke services for your particular situation.

How a Family Lawyer Can Help

Are you facing a situation that requires legal expertise? Stafford Law Office, LLC is home to experience family court attorneys who can help get through your difficult situation.

Family Law Attorneys

Get control of your family estate and settle legal matters through trustworthy attorneys. A family lawyer will help you handle the complexities and ensure the resolution of your case.

We’re here to sever you – we’ll assess every situation, family dynamics involved in the case, and provide legal representation throughout the case. Part of our goal is to educate clients to make sure they understand what is going on. We do believe in collaborative framework where we work hand-in-hand to achieve desirable results.

Don’t go through it alone. The legal system is a complex system with lots of technical requirements. Get a trustworthy family attorney to help you through your legal situation. We can help you with the following:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Settlement
  • Estate Administration
  • Guardianship
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Other Areas of Family Law

Estate Planning   Having a plan will help you prepare for the future.  Estate planning will direct heirs on how to divide your estate in case you are gone. It helps avoid court hiatus in the future in case your heirs cannot agree with each other regarding the property you left.Estate Settlement   Estate Settlement involves various court process of dividing a real estate property among the rightful heirs. An estate can be divided testate or intestate. If the decedent left a will, the settlement process starts with locating the will and dividing the estate according to the will of the deceased.  Estate Administration   An administration may be appointed if the descendent died intestate. If you are an heir and you have co-heirs who cannot agree on how the remaining estate can be divided, you can petition for the appointment of an administrator to facilitate the division of estate left after your parents have departed.Guardianship   Do you need to file a petition or guardianship? Guardianship proceeding is probably one of the complex areas of family law. Besides the challenges in filing documents, you will be faced with deadlines and technical requirements, which can only be done with an attorney.
Adoption Adoption is the process of bestowing a child with the rights of legitimate child. It requires various legal processes and requirements to be able to successfully adopt a child, which will need the help of a family attorney.  Divorce Divorce is a legal way to severe marital relationship with a spouse or terminating a valid, legal marriage. In filling a petition divorce, you will need a family attorney to represent you in court.  Premarital Agreement Premarital agreement may include stipulations regarding each of the parties’ property, which will require the skills and experience of an attorney to be valid.  Other Areas of Family Law If you have any issues that you believe are in need of a legal perspective, do not hesitate to contact us today. We will make sure to get back to you at the earliest time possible.

Stafford Law – Family Law

If you need a family attorney to represent you in your family case, whether you are filing a petition for estate settlement or a petition for divorce.  We have skilled and experienced attorneys who are passionate in dedicating their time to serve our clients better.

We use our extensive knowledge of the family law to help clients in need.  We can guide and advise you of the proper legal steps to take to ensure that you get a just resolution of your case.

As a first paperless law office in Bloomington, we retail files electronically and secure back-ups onsite and offsite You are rest assured that all information are kept confidential.

Contact us to set up an initial conversation.  Initial consultations are $75 and will last about an hour. We practice throughout South-Central Indiana, including Monroe, Owen, Lawrence, Greene, Brown, and Bartholomew counties.


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