Building Demolition – What You Need to Know

Building demolition is not an easy-breezy job. Before you demolish a building, the law requires certain requirements to be followed. For example, you must carefully plan out your demolition and carry it out in a way that prevents danger by practitioners. Today on the blog, we are going to discuss some things you must consider about demolishing a building.

Demolition works involve risks and hazards associated with the construction. To prevent legal battles with neighboring estates, it is important that you first seek a permit from the local authorities. The following are some hazards that need to be taken into consideration when demolishing a building. 

  • Hidden and unreported materials within the structure such as lead, asbestos, silica, and other harmful chemicals
  • The amount of damage, including unknown strengths and weaknesses of construction materials
  • Hazards created by the demolition method used, such as damage to the road works or neighboring tenement

Other things that you need to consider includes:

  • Falls from height 
  • Uncontrolled collapse
  • Traffic management 
  • Fire
  • Worker involvement 

To resolve these, everyone in the demolition site must be fully aware of the hazards. It is your obligation to protect your workers and employees from possible hazards they may encounter during the demolition. 

Always plan ahead to get the job done safely and prevent lawsuits arising from faulty building demolition. Moreover, proper planning is important to ensure that the demolition will be done in the least damaging way possible. 

Whether you own a building or a house and demolition is necessary, you can consult Stafford Law to get guidance as to how you can safely proceed with your demolition works.

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