Going through divorce is probably the hardest battle in your married life. Divorce is a petition filed in court to severe a marital relationship. When you need solutions for your divorce or other family law issues, contact Stafford Law Office, LLC for committed and experienced legal representation.

 Divorce can be hard to get through. However, you can always trust our lawyers to be there with you until the end. When you meet us the first time, we will have a straightforward discussion about how your separation is going. Are we heading for an amicable separation? Or are we filing for a case? Once all issues, expectations, and goals are discussed, we will start drafting your divorce petition.

Although our lawyers are great fighters, we are still sensitive to family situations. We will always do our best to understand every situation and provide the best advice based on the given scenario. In case you need us to draft your divorce papers or consult your situation, feel free to call us.

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